We offer everyone a HUGE Christmas thank you…….

– to all who have donated food throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons – Angel Aid has put together so many boxes for their families this year thanks to your generous donations. All of their families are caring for children who are either terminally ill or chronically ill. Many of the children are bed-bound or in a wheelchair. Most need around-the-clock attention and, as a result, one or both parents must limit the hours they work or give up working altogether. Your food donations have helped many keep food on the table!

– to all who sponsored children’s gifts during the Angel Tree program. Again, you are helping families who deal with challenges every day. For many of these children, this is likely their last Christmas as their conditions are severe. Your kindness has offered the light and love of Christ by letting them and their families know others care for them.

– to all who helped with the Advent service of light, the Christmas Cantata, the Fellowship Meals, the Ladies’ Luncheon, the Children’s Program and with Christmas Caroling. The gifts of your time and talents help share the Word through music, song, food, and fellowship and have made the season so special.

– to all who kindly and generously contributed to our church and Early Learning Center Staff Gifts. This allowed us to recognize their dedication and hard work with a lovely end-of-year bonus and all offer their sincere appreciation for your care.

– to all who volunteered to serve during worship for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services. The gift of your time ensures that all who attend are able to worship and fellowship!

– to all who donated to our Peru programs – your generosity and kindness brought joy and care to children, seniors, and those in need in Tarma and Huancal, Peru.

– to all who have lifted up and continue to lift up in prayer our congregation, staff, volunteers, visitors and those who are facing health challenges. We have been blessed this year with so many new faces joining our community. Your continued prayers in the new year are appreciated.