The Columbarium


“Where family and friends gather to remember and pray.”

The church is the center of our worship life through Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, and Burial. They are all integral parts of our parish life.

Interment of remains in a church setting offers a final connection with the Body of Christ. It also provides a visible link to us in this life between deceased Christians and the church, enabling family and friends to pay their respects and to refresh their remembrances.

The columbarium is a structure with niches or compartments for urns containing ashes of the dead. The word in Latin means “dove-cote”, reminiscent of a structure that might house doves or homing pigeons. Traditionally, graveyards were adjacent to church buildings, but this practice is less practical in crowded communities of today.

The columbarium is a means by which one’s remains may be kept in or near the parish church, reminding us of the communion of saints. Each niche is enclosed with a protective front of bronze to which is attached a metal identification plate for the appropriate name and the dates of birth and death.

Niches in the columbarium may be reserved by advance. Single and double niches are available. Such arrangements are encouraged as the number of spaces available are limited.