Explore Alpha…

Just after New Year’s we will begin our next Alpha course – a ten-week series of weekly sessions for anyone who wants to find answers to questions like “Is there really a God?”, “What does it mean to be Christian?” or “Is there more to life than what I am living?” It is designed for those seeking a connection to God but who might not understand how or why God would send Jesus into the world.

We can all think of someone who might be on this “seeking” path. Perhaps even you yourself would benefit from this time of exploring thoughts, beliefs and faith.

The success of reaching those in our community who are seeking depends on each of us inviting people to attend. We have been mandated to become “fishers of men”, to share the good news with others. This program is a great way to invite others and let the program share the good news in a way that can connect with people from all backgrounds. If you would like more information about the program or learn more about how to invite someone, please indicate your interest on the Yellow Insert. All questions are welcomed!

There are invitations in the Gathering Area for you to pick up and carry with you – please pray for discernment about who will be in your path each day that might be seeking a connection to God. Who will you invite this week?

The course begins January 9th. All are welcome.