Mission Driven – A Weekend to Serve

Quilting Workshop – All-Day, Drop-In session on Sat, Feb 4, 10 am to 5 pm. This is the final push to complete quilts that will be sent to the Lutheran World Relief warehouses the following week. There will be stations for cutting squares, designing quilt tops, sewing tops, matching tops to the backing, and finishing the sides and threads for center knots. There is a job for every skill level. Men women and teens are invited – no experience is needed, and teens earn community service hours.

Celebrating Lutheran World Relief – Next Weekend – Feb 4th & 5th – We will have our quilts on display and offer prayers over them at each service as they get packed, shipped to LWR, and then distributed around the world to those in need.

We will also be sending more than 100 Personal Care Kits that were assembled during previous service projects. They contain basic items like towels, combs, and soap. If you would like to make some of these at home with friends or family, there is info on the back page on how to assemble them. Just bring them in next weekend and we can include them in our shipment. We have extra items in the Gathering Area you may use. This is a great project to do with kids and grandkids!