Lenten Disciplines

Lent is a season in the church in which we especially focus on examining our hearts, confessing our sin, and reflecting on the significance of Christ’s death on the cross. Lenten disciplines are a tool in turning our hearts and lives to Christ. Below are some ideas for you, or you may think of some yourself that you will find meaningful.

Take On Worship

  • Ash Wednesday Worship Ash Wed services February 22nd, noon and 6:30.
  • Weekly Lenten Midweek Worship at noon and 6:30 pm with evening vespers service preceded by fellowship dinner at 5:30. Our theme this year is “Can you hear me now?” and how we struggle with hearing God, listen to Him or even responding to His call on our lives to be his disciple.
  • Sunday Worship – make it a weekly practice for the six Sundays in Lent. Services are on Saturday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 8:30 and 10:30.
  • Daily prayer – Rise 15 minutes early and begin the day in prayer. Head to bed 15 minutes earlier to reflect on the day in prayer.

Give Up – To Sacrifice

  • For men, give up shaving -as you daily look in the mirror, remember your mortality. Share with others who might ask, that you’re not just growing a beard but it’s part of your Lenten discipline with your church. 
  • For ladies – Do one fingernail a different color (red?) – or do only 9. When others ask if you didn’t have time to do all 10, tell them, “It’s Lent.” When they ask what Lent is, tell them!
  • Food – give up a particular food item (cookies, chocolate, Starbucks, etc) or a meal of the week (like lunch on Fridays remembering Christ on the cross from noon to three).
  • Sacrifice something – perhaps coffee, a movie, or a meal out, and give a donation of what you saved to a cause.

Take On Study Of The Word

  • Faith Matters – get them for the first time (send a note to sotwatjax@aol.com and request to receive them daily OR, if you’re getting them, read and reflect on them daily)
  • Do a 46-night journal for the days of Lent, reflecting each night at the end of the day, how God was at work in your life or how you need Him to come to your aid.

Take On Service

  • Look for ways to serve in the ministries of the church listed in the weekly announcements. Participate in the Lenten 5-5-5 program (where in 5 weeks, we seek to cut 500 quilt squares, and receive donations of $500 to support the quilting ministry), help at the Garage Sale (Sat. March 18th), Donate to food to the Shepherd’s Shelf Food Pantry in the gathering area. There are many ways to serve!
  • Seek ways to serve in the community. Perhaps through a food pantry like at Lutheran Social Services, or a Thrift Store with Angel Aid Ministries, or volunteer at your child’s school.

May taking on one or more disciplines for Lent lead to a renewed life of discipleship for us all.