Pumpkin Patch Thank You

Pumpkin Patch Thank You – we are so grateful for the countless helping hands who worked on and in the patch, unloaded orbs, took shifts greeting and selling and helping with all the breakdown and packing away. What a massive team effort!! 

We generated over $16,000 in sales which will, in turn, provide us with more than $5,000 to various ministries. And we provided information about our church, our ministries, the Early Learning Center and the Alpha course to hundreds of people in our community and hosted nearly 400 children on weekday field trips!! And two senior living facilities!! We pray we offered a warm and welcoming witness to all who came to see us.

We are grateful for all who invited others and advertised through social media. We have already seen visitors in worship as a result of visiting the patch!! We look forward to seeing you all again in 11 months!!