Mission Update – Thank You!

Many thanks to those who donated to our many needs in Peru!!

We were able to assist with all the needs requested: computers, medical assistance for a young girl battling leukemia, and the young man with rheumatoid arthritis, and repairs for Pr Araujo’s “Punch Buggy” which gets him from Lima to Tarma each week.

Thank you for also to those who donated towards the car for one of our seniors in great need. Your loving support allowed us to find a reliable, inexpensive used vehicle and cover her tags and one year of insurance. All blessings beyond measure.

And thanks also to all who donated shoes, clothing, toiletries, towels and laundry supplies for Beaches Mission House. Your donations were so abundant it took two volunteers to fit in their cars!! These items are used for their clothing closet and their shower and laundry ministries and will help many people who are struggling with the challenges of homelessness.